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Eco-Parent Green Team

Get involved in PS34's eco-initiatives by joining the Parent Green Team.  Team meets bi-weekly on Thursdays after drop-off (8:30am) at Woops! 

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Greenpoint Eco-Schools Launch Event - November 2015

Testimonials from families...

“[Fairies and Gnomes Garden Party/Workshop] It was such a fabulous event. We all enjoyed ourselves very much. Aurelia gleefully exclaimed after the event, ‘I go to the best school ever. We have an amazing BEAUTIFUL garden, we have an amazing playground and I love my class!’ Thank you for being an inspiration and bringing us all together and for your ability to rally us behind the greening of our surroundings!” ~Oona Ratcliffe, Aurelia's mom (10/2017)

"Thank you, Tina and Deise for planning the canoe event!  It was so well organized, fun and educational.  We didn’t even make it to the third station because Izzy was so into the seeing the plankton under the microscope she wanted to do it again and again.  Just a few weeks ago my dad told me when he was a kid he used to spend every afternoon collecting water from a stream and looking at it under a microscope that his dad had given him and it’s one of the things that led him to majoring in Chemistry. It’s also the kind of learning that often feels rare these days between city living and screen time.  It was great to see the kids getting so much hands on experience and seeing their natural curiosity sparked.  In addition, it was great to discover these things in our own backyard.  It will certainly make the kids look at their city & neighborhood differently.  Izzy just told me that part of her favorite parts was seeing a giant crab on one of the pilings near the boat launch.  Now she knows that crabs live in NYC too." ~Sarah Stansbury, Izzy's mom (09/2017)

“This is the 2nd year my daughter Jade has been part of the Green STEM Afterschool Club.  She absolutely loves it!  She has learned and is continuing to learn how to help the environment. Jade's normally pretty shy but I can see her confidence when she talks now, especially about trees and animals and recycling.  With the help of the Green STEM club, Jade now understands her carbon footprint, how to minimize it, and why it's so important.” – Debbie Everett, Jade’s mom (06/2017)

“Ms. Wong has joyfully integrated into our school community. She has designed and implemented projects to meet the different ages and interests of our students and staff - many of which will have a lasting effect. My favorite to date is the redesign of our schoolyard. I love how Ms. Wong used student ideas for the redesign, encouraged parent involvement to maintain the garden, and created space to be used by the teachers for their classes. It is projects like these that make me hopeful that we will continue to be an eco school even after Ms. Wong's grant expires.” ~Erica Rahavy, Sam and Ben’s mom (1/2017)