Green STEM Teacher

Ms. Jeannie Marshall began her teaching career at PS 34 15 years ago.  In the first 13 years, she was a classroom teacher, teaching grades 2nd through 5th.  In 2015, Ms. Marshall was given the opportunity to start a Green STEM program.  "It has been very exciting planning a hands-on curriculum that is engaging for all of the students from Kindergarten through 5th grade.  We identify real problems that face our school, community, country, and world.  We follow the Design Process to address these problems to help make real change in our world." 

Each grade level in the Green STEM program has a different focus.  Lower grades begin with understanding the Eco-Schools' Pathways to Sustainability - Consumption & Waste, Energy, Water, Healthy School, and Schoolyard Habitat.  As students enter the upper grades, the knowledge that they have gained throughout the earlier years are applied to Design Solutions, to better the world for today and the future.  

The program was modeled and adapted from various resources: National Wildlife Federation's Eco-Schools Program, SolarOne, Shelburne FarmsCooper Hewitt Design in A Classroom, and PBS Design Squad